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Thermal insulation of pipelines. How to make it right?

The basis for the operation of all heating systems in the building is pipelines that supply hot water. The exact installation of residential heating and isolation systems significantly reduces energy consumption and operating costs. We will check how thermal insulation works to obtain the most energy -efficient pipeline transport. Izoulation tubes - installation on pipelines
Installation of insulating tubes for heating cables is a procedure that requires proper preparation and maintaining the optimal thermal regime; The temperature of the insulated object should not be below 5 degrees Celsius. The lining surfaces should be prepared for possible degreasing and diluting so as not to reduce the strength of the adhesion of the glue. All components and components should fit well to each other - dense fit excludes the risk of cold bridges and large heat losses in the future. The connection of the sections of the pipes of non -standard sizes should be located at the bottom of the pipeline. Predidation cover - assembly method
Standard thermal insulation of pipelines has cuts along the entire length of the material, so they can be opened and applied to the pipeline.
Traditional sleeves, without self -adhesive overlap, can have a longitudinal joint fixed by the ribbon (after pressing and removing the coating, they are glued to the junction of the overlap) or a hot way. Laying for bends and fittings - how to accelerate the work?
Isolation of perpendicular pipelines does not take much time. In the case of tees, the lid should be cut to the corresponding size, taking into account the continuity of the insulation, and then use to seal the compound. The end of the lid ends with a sleeve or aluminum tape. If the pipes have the shape of the knees of the pipeline, it is necessary to manually cut the insulation intended for straight pipelines. In order to exclude the risk of leaks and accelerate the time -consuming procedure of manual trimming of insulating materials, most experts refuse to independently modify the insulation in favor of the finished elements of fastening of pipes. Temukan perusahaan dengan nama https://idnskills.com/ .


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